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Breathing new growth streams in progressive Lipa City

This progressive city south of the metro is undoubtedly well poised to capture favorable gains in the midst of an economic recovery.

The City of Lipa in Batangas, after all, is part of the booming Calabarzon Region, which has not only cornered a chunk of the foreign investment pledges approved in the fourth quarter last year, but also recorded the fastest regional economic growth at 7.6 percent in 2021 despite the pandemic. This only goes to show that the region has rightfully retained its luster as an attractive destination, enabling its provinces such as Batangas to benefit from the continued influx of fresh investments and migrants even during the health and economic crisis over the last two years.

A thriving Lipa City mirrors this same luster and attractiveness as well as it has remained a favored destination as well, rife with opportunities for further growth and development.

Soon to rise in Areza is the Lipa City Trading Center, which will serve as the regional food terminal for local products and fresh produce.

For instance, businesses, such as outsourcing, manufacturing, and warehousing firms, are finding even more reasons to locate and expand their presence in this “Next Wave City,” as they sought to set up shop in an area that offers a skilled talent pool and conducive business climate. The growing presence of companies here, in turn, generates quality jobs that entice many young professionals to find a home in the city so as to be near their workplace.

And given the many lessons learned during the pandemic, many city dwellers and prospective migrants looking for bigger open spaces, fresh air, cool clime, and proximity to nature are meanwhile finding their ideal pandemic-resilient homes and communities within Lipa City as well. Those who want that exquisite balance between rusticity and modernity are setting their sights on this flourishing city, which affords residents the best of both worlds.
Soon, businesses and residents here will be afforded new opportunities to locate in a promising, sustainable urban sprawl, as Lipa City will be home to the newest estate of property leader Ayala Land Inc. (ALI).

Set to add value to this locale’s continuing development and urbanization is the up-and-coming Areza, a 92-ha mixed-use estate envisioned to become the new downtown of Lipa City.

Set to add value to this locale’s continuing development and urbanization is the up-and-coming Areza, a 92-ha mixed-use estate envisioned to become the new downtown of Lipa City. Upon its completion, this master-planned community will become a dynamic district filled with commercial centers, shophouses, as well as retail and institutional components.

Ayala Land will bring to Lipa its renowned expertise and insights in creating integrated, vibrant, and future-proof communities that will no doubt emerge as strategically located dynamic city centers that will offer a distinct sense of place and community as well as a conducive business environment.

After all, creating thriving growth centers has always been Ayala Land’s trademark. Beyond building structures, Ayala Land transforms areas into self-sustaining communities that not only integrate residences, offices, commercial centers and even industrial hubs, but also, more importantly, helps fuel progress in its locale. One need only to look at Ayala Land’s signature estates across the country to see how these have become platforms for growth.

Among the first structures launched within the Areza estate is the Lipa City Hall, which will rise within a 5-ha expanse. Officials from Ayala Land and the Lipa city government broke ground last March for this government center, which was designed by renowned architectural firm Budji + Royal, one of the country’s leading exponents of modern Filipino design. The city hall is targeted to be operational by 2025.

Areza is proudly the first Ayala Land estate to house a city hall, furthering its goal of developing the estate as a strategically composed commercial hub in the south.
Also rising within Areza is the Department of Agriculture’s 1.6-ha Lipa Trading Center, which will serve as the regional food terminal or “bagsakan” of local food products and produce. Following the groundbreaking held also last March, this trading center is expected to be fully operational by 2024.

Indeed, Ayala Land is set to deliver another exciting, promising new estate that is Areza which will no doubt become, upon its completion, another driver of business and economy.


Philippine Daily Inquirer / 08:00 AM July 16, 2022

Written by: Amy R. Remo

Source: https://business.inquirer.net/353047/breathing-new-growth-streams-in-progressive-lipa-city#ixzz7agojXF40


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